Efficient products

When we talk efficiency we instinctively think of power consumption. And all our devices are optimized to be as power efficient as possible. But efficiency goes beyond just power consumption. Switching speed, robustness, signal integrity, space saving packages, combined functionality can all impact overall device efficiency. Nexperia leads the way in many of these areas.

  • ESD protection
  • Consumer
September 04, 2017

Meeting new USB ESD challenges with TrEOS Protection

New consumer data transfer technologies, such as USB Type-C, need better ESD protection. That's where TrEOS protection comes in.Read more

  • Automotive
  • Logic
September 04, 2017

Nexperia takes the pole position in Automotive Logic applications

An exclusive interview in Embedded Developer with Michael Lyons, Technical Marketing Manager at Nexperia for the Logic portfolioRead more