MLPAK33 – a flexible choice for 3x3 MOSFETs

As the efficiency experts, Nexperia is always looking at how we can support our customers in gaining that additional efficiency in terms of performance, robustness and flexibility. For many power MOSFET applications where space is at a premium a 3x3 package is the ideal footprint. Within Nexperia’s portfolio of MOSFETs that has meant the high-performance, extremely rugged LFPAK33 package. To give our customers an additional option, Nexperia has developed the MLPAK33 – a power MOSFET package that is footprint compatible with the industry-known DFN3333.

Nexperia's latest wire-bonded power package MLPAK33

In many high-volume consumer, computing and mobile sub-systems including DC/DC conversion, battery management, loadswitches and active clamps, the 3x3 footprint for power MOSFETs is the ideal choice. It offers the right balance between performance, efficiency and footprint. However, for some of these low and medium power applications, where high robustness is not needed, designers want the flexibility to choose the MOSFET / package combination best suited to their application needs, regardless of RDS(on) requirement.

By drawing on our knowledge and understanding of power MOSFETs for low and medium power applications and combining that with our packaging innovation, Nexperia developed the MLPAK33. This innovative package comes with Nexperia’s proven quality and supply security, making it ideal for high-running cost-sensitive applications such as mass consumer.

Flexibility in product options

To give designers the flexibility of choosing a 3x3 footprint option for power MOSFETs, Nexperia will be releasing a broad range of products in the new package. To begin with there is a range of 25 V and 30 V N-channel and P-channel devices. In addition, Nexperia has released 100 V devices that will be particularly suitable for some industrial and 5G applications.

Transparent view of MLPAK33
Transparent view of MLPAK33