ESD Design Engineer’s Guide

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ESD Application Handbook – Protection concepts, testing and simulation for modern interfaces

Protection concepts, testing and simulation for modern interfaces

Electrostatic discharges (ESD) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) are key design challenges, especially when it comes to modern high-speed and super-speed interfaces due to their susceptibility to ESD damage. However, getting the right balance of ESD protection and EMI filtering without impacting system performance is becoming increasingly complicated. By better understanding the challanges of protecting against fast high voltage surges or longer pulses with less extreme voltage levels allows designers to incorporate the most efficient ESD topology right from the start.

In this ESD Application Handbook, you will find invaluable information about the causes of ESD, failure symptoms and the necessary steps needed to ensure your design incorporates sufficient protection even for the most sensitive interfaces. It draws on Nexperia’s extensive knowledge and understanding of the topic, including the work we have carried out on testing designs and failure analysis. And it introduces a scientific selection process for ESD protection devices, overcoming time-consuming trial and error testing that does not necessarily find the best solution.

ESD Design Engineer’s Guide contents

  • Datasheet parameters of ESD protection devices
  • ESD testing standards and TLP testing
  • Principles of ESD protection
  • SEED (System efficient ESD design)
  • EMI filtering with common mode filters
  • Failure symptoms caused by ESD and surge events
  • Interfaces and applications

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