• quality
November 07, 2017

What does “quality” even mean these days?

Tim Crispin, our MOSFET quality guru, looks at what quality means today in terms of how we achieve defect rates in the parts per billion range and the drive towards zero ...Read more

  • Automotive
September 25, 2017

LFPAK56D – taking the heat out of engine management systems

With the latest additions to Nexperia’s dual automotive MOSFET portfolio in LFPAK56D, designers have significant space savings with all the thermal benefits of copper clip.Read more

  • Automotive
September 18, 2017

Automotive Trench 9 - Power MOSFETs designed for performance and endurance

Nexperia’s latest automotive Power MOSFET portfolio delivers improved performance and reliability due to our unique combination of Trench 9 superjunction technology, and ...Read more