• Automotive
September 18, 2018

Power MOSFETs – the muscle in 48V systems

A brief introduction into why the capabilities of power MOSFETs make them ideal for automotive applications like 48-volt starter generatorsRead more

  • Automotive
September 12, 2018

DFN2020 – squeezing in more power under the hood

Nexperia’s AEC-Q101 qualified, 175 °C rated, DFN2020 MOSFETs with side-wettable flanks for AOI, give designers a space saving option for under the hood applications. Read more

  • Portable and wearables
  • ESD protection
September 11, 2018

Do mobile devices need to go on a diet?

Smartphone and peripheral manufacturers face conflicting consumer demands. Finding space for the next generation of features is proving a challenge. How to remedy ...Read more