The demands of the various markets Nexperia supports are continually changing to meet evolving consumer and industry requirements. As a high-tech supplier, we are always looking at how we can push the performance and efficiency levels of our products which are housed in some of the most advanced, industry-leading small packages.

  • Automotive
September 18, 2018

Power MOSFETs – the muscle in 48V systems

A brief introduction into why the capabilities of power MOSFETs make them ideal for automotive applications like 48-volt starter generatorsRead more

  • Portable and wearables
  • ESD protection
September 11, 2018

Do mobile devices need to go on a diet?

Smartphone and peripheral manufacturers face conflicting consumer demands. Finding space for the next generation of features is proving a challenge. How to remedy ...Read more

  • Automotive
June 08, 2018

Talking 48-volts and robust MOSFETS at EEHE Conference

At the EEHE Conference in June, Nexperia will present a poster session on robust Automotive power MOSFETs and efficient, clean switching for 48-voltsRead more

  • Industrial
June 01, 2018

Innovating to meet changing standards - UL 2925

As product safety standards evolve, such as with the new UL 2925 regulations, anticipating potential issues customers could face and innovating to address those issues, is ...Read more

  • Automotive
March 08, 2018

The 48-volt starter generator

In this third blog on electrification of the powertrain, we try to understand firstly why 48-volts and then take a look at some of the different mounting options for ...Read more

  • Industrial
February 26, 2018

Tackling the challenges of Robocup 2018

Last year Nexperia became the main industry sponsor for RoboTeam Twente, and this year with some helpful insights from TeamNexperia they are looking to take on the big ...Read more