Nexperia wins prestigious brand identity award

Independent endorsement of successful company launch

We are very proud to announce that Nexperia and the VanBerlo design team have won a Red Dot Design Communication Award for the Nexperia brand identity! This is a wonderful result and recognition of a great team effort. More, it is a valuable, independent endorsement of the positive steps we have taken as ‘Team Nexperia’ to establish our new company as a vital, fresh and forward-looking entity, building on long years of expertise, but with a re-defined purpose to deliver value for our customers today and in the coming years.

The Red Dot Award is an international design competition. And, Red Dot: Communication Design is celebrating its 25-year anniversary in 2017. Agencies, designers and companies from 50 countries entered their works this year, submitting 8,051 projects across 18 categories: Nexperia was one of the few that was awarded with a Red Dot award.

The jury for the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2017 was very multicultural. 24 experts from 11 countries convened to inspect, scrutinise and definitively assess all of the entries live and on site. Their process spanned several days. Contributions were not compared directly against each other, but instead assessed individually in terms of their performance, based on various criteria including design quality, aesthetics, implementation, recognisability and chosen medium. One jury member, Gustavo Greco, a designer from Brazil, explained that the “suitability and how the project changes the lives of those that come into contact with it (for the better)” are his most important considerations. Branding expert Johnason Lo from Taiwan commented: “to be out of the ordinary, original and authentic; so, the way they are able to express a certain feeling through design is what I pay special attention to.”

The official Red Dot Awards ceremony will be on October 27 in Berlin. Nexperia’s brand identity strongly identifies with efficiency – Efficiency Wins. In this case, by achieving such a prestigious, international award, we can be proud that we have lived up to our stated policy. Thank you all for your fantastic team effort and commitment.