Miniaturizing logically with leadless MicroPak and leaded PicoGate logic packages

Mini Logic packages are up to 15X smaller than conventional SO packages, saving significant footprint in space-constrained applications like mobile –and now in Automotive too.

At Nexperia, Mini Logic is a vast portfolio of 300+ functions, covering a wide range of possibilities with choice between a dozen packages to suit all needs and deliver the desired performance. The Mini Logic portfolio consists of leaded PicoGate packages and leadless MicroPak packages, all with 4 to 10 pads. Nexperia markets the largest Mini Logic portfolio in the industry and is the N°1 in that segment, supporting the miniaturization trend and helping solve complex designs challenges.

A growing choice including for Automotive

Mini Logic devices include single (1G), dual (2G), and triple (3G) gate functions in 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10-pin packages. Nexperia regularly introduces Mini Logic innovations to the market, ensuring suitability for more markets and offering additional choices that minimize footprint even further. In particular, the popular standard logic functions are extensively covered –including voltage translation solutions.

Strong of its Mini Logic’s history and credentials, Nexperia has recently introduced buffers and inverters in the new X2SON4 (GX4) logic package, the smallest logic package for use without a step-down mask. Besides, MicroPak options are now available in our Automotive-qualified (-Q100) portfolio. Over 20 functions for Automotive applications are now released in XSON6 and XSON8 and more can be arranged upon request. These product types are specified for a wide operating temperature range from -40 to +125 °C and exceed AEC-Q100 requirements, bringing our miniaturization benefits to on-board infotainment systems in particular.

Smaller means faster –and simpler!

Mini Logic devices allow for a more flexible designing process, yet minimize the impact on board layouts. Design engineers can add output drives or fine-tune performance on ASICs without re-spinning silicon for instance, because adding discrete Mini Logic functions like gates or inverters is a simple task. Nexperia’s Mini Logic devices also simplify routing and can eliminate dependencies in intricate line-layout patterns. As a result, our Mini Logic devices improve the cost-effectiveness of crowded layouts. Despite their small size, PicoGate and MicroPak logic packages can host advanced logic solutions such as configurable logic functions which can replace up to four devices and reduce inventory.

Mini Logic goes big with Nexperia

Mini Logic is the logical answer to miniaturization needs and it helps accelerate time-to-market while adhering to the strictest quality standards.  Addressing today's most critical design issues, Mini Logic is an expertise area of Nexperia, the inventor of the industry-standard XSON and X2SON leadless packages. Our capacity to supply Mini Logic at high volume and our unmatched portfolio allow our customers to opt for these solutions in more and more applications. Browse our portfolio today to start benefitting from our experience in Mini Logic for your mobile, consumer electronics and Automotive designs.