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The demands of the various markets Nexperia supports are continually changing to meet evolving consumer and industry requirements. As a high-tech supplier, we are always looking at how we can push the performance and efficiency levels of our products which are housed in some of the most advanced, industry-leading small packages.

  • Industrial
December 11, 2018

Ratification of IEEE802.3bt powers new PSE/PD PoE opportunities

New IEEE802.3bt PoE standard opens the way for a whole suite of smart building and Internet of Things (IoT) devices connected and powered via RJ45 sockets.Read more

  • Automotive
  • Bipolar transistors
November 07, 2018

Easing the shift to leadless in automotive

As space becomes increasingly constrained in automotive applications, moving to smaller and lighter leadless DFN packages with side-wettable flanks gives designers room to ...Read more

  • Automotive
September 18, 2018

Power MOSFETs – the muscle in 48V systems

A brief introduction into why the capabilities of power MOSFETs make them ideal for automotive applications like 48-volt starter generatorsRead more

  • Portable and wearables
  • ESD protection
September 11, 2018

Do mobile devices need to go on a diet?

Smartphone and peripheral manufacturers face conflicting consumer demands. Finding space for the next generation of features is proving a challenge. How to remedy ...Read more

  • Automotive
June 08, 2018

Talking 48-volts and robust MOSFETS at EEHE Conference

At the EEHE Conference in June, Nexperia will present a poster session on robust Automotive power MOSFETs and efficient, clean switching for 48-voltsRead more

  • Industrial
June 01, 2018

Innovating to meet changing standards - UL 2595

As product safety standards evolve, such as with the new UL 2595 regulations, anticipating potential issues customers could face and innovating to address those issues, is ...Read more