Efficient ESD Protection in modern automotive applications

Download the Automotive Edition of Nexperia’s ESD Design Engineer’s Guide and get a better understanding of Automotive ESD protection topologies and failure symptoms as well as testing and simulation for modern interfaces.

Electrostatic discharges (ESD) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) are key design challenges in today's automotive world. When it comes to modern and highly sensitive high-speed interfaces, given their susceptibility to ESD damage, the importance of ESD protection increases dramatically. However, getting the right balance between ESD protection, EMI filtering and signal integrity (SI) is a highly sophisticated target for all electrical design engineers. By better understanding the challenges of protecting against fast high voltage surges or longer pulses with lower voltage levels allows engineers can incorporate the most efficient ESD topology for their application right from the start.

ESD Application Handbook: Automotive Edition

A dedicated Automotive ESD Handbook

We are very proud to publish the new ESD Application Handbook —Automotive Edition. This book is another key milestone to build the Technical Nexperia Encyclopedia.

In the dedicated Automotive Edition, you will find invaluable information about the ESD protection of the most modern multimedia interfaces such as high-speed video links and ethernet with respect to their signal sensitivity. Also, the classics such LIN, CAN and Flexray are covered in detail.

This book draws on Nexperia’s extensive knowledge and understanding of the ESD topic, in terms of modern test methods and failure analysis. Beyond classical ESD testing, new methods such as transmission line pulse (TLP) and its benefits are discussed. In addition, accurate simulation methods and models are presented as a powerful tool in ESD design understanding on schematic level.

This book introduces a systematic selection process for ESD protection devices, overcoming time-consuming and non-efficient trial and error testing.

Automotive ESD Design Engineer’s Guide contents

  • Fundamentals of ESD
  • Datasheet parameters of ESD protection devices
  • ESD testing standards and TLP testing
  • Principles of ESD protection
  • Failure symptoms caused by ESD and surge events
  • Interfaces and applications
  • ESD protection for LIN / CAN / ETHERNET / LVDS / USB / HDMI
  • ESD simulations using SEED (System efficient ESD design)
  • EMI filtering with common mode filters


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