Talking 48-volts and robust MOSFETS at EEHE Conference

At the EEHE Conference in June, Nexperia will present a poster session on robust Automotive power MOSFETs and efficient, clean switching for 48-volts

48-volts has become an increasingly important topic in the drive to a practical, pragmatic, short-term solution when it comes to more efficient vehicles. This is clearly noticeable during events like the international EEHE Conference (Electric / Electronic in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles and Electrical Energy Management). Bringing together all the important players in the industry, this year’s conference (June 12-13, Würzburg, Germany) includes a number poster presentations and vehicle displays, in addition to the keynote presentations.

Among the poster presentations, Nexperia has two focusing on automotive MOSFETs and 48-volts. I’ll be giving a 15-minute talk around the power transient robust automotive MOSFETs during the early afternoon of the 12th. If you are in town for the conference, then I hope you stop by and of course you can always catch up and ask questions on both posters.

  • Power transient robust automotive MOSFETs for 12V and 48V applications
    Repetitive avalanche robust trench MOSFETs have been developed and tested. The trench MOSFETs show comparable repetitive avalanche MOSFETS to older planar technologies but with the advantages of RDS(ON) and switching improvements that trench MOSFETs have over planar. Also presented is another MOSFET technology split-poly which is showing lower avalanche robustness.
  • Automotive power MOSFETs for efficient & clean switching in 48V board net applications
    Motor drives and DC:DC converters require fast switching MOSFETs. For automotive applications it is important that the fast switching does not compromise EMC performance due to drain voltage ringing and spiking, attributable to body diode reverse recovery. Nexperia presents a new technology for 48 V applications which has superior switching efficiency with significantly reduced noise.