Robust parts for harsh environments, Nexperia’s automotive logic parts lead the way

The car is a harsh environment for semiconductor components so to ensure our automotive Logic portfolio is up to the job they are all AEC-Q100 qualified.

Automotive applications present a harsh environment for semiconductor components. Parts in these applications must continue to work reliably, despite operating temperatures that may range anywhere from less than ‑20 ºC to those approaching 150 ºC.

Operating at elevated temperatures reduces the lifetime of semiconductor parts and negatively affects the stability of the package, so manufacturing parts for automotive applications requires tighter manufacturing controls, additional quality testing, and extensive reliability monitoring.

To ensure parts will be able to withstand such conditions, the Automotive Electronics Council developed the AEC-Q100 standard, which outlines procedures manufacturers must follow to ensure integrated circuits meet quality and reliability levels.

Nexperia continues to lead the way in developing, manufacturing, and qualifying key automotive logic parts, and is the number one global suppler. Applying six-sigma design, zero defect test and inspection methodology and a quality standard that exceeds AEC-Q100 for the Q100 logic portfolio virtually guarantees trouble-free operation in the end user’s application. Q100 devices are manufactured in TS16949 certified and VDA approved production facilities, flagged as automotive lots, and subjected to additional process flow quality gates and stricter rules for lot handling. This approach ensures that automotive parts receive highest priority and have a greater traceability for improved quality analysis.

Nexperia offers logic functions including analog switches, buffers/inverters, bus switches, counters, decoders/de-multiplexers, multiplexers, flip-flops, gates, latches, level shifters, multivibrators, Schmitt-triggers, shift registers and transceivers. These Q100 logic functions include options for use at supply voltages ranging from 1.0–15 V.

With a dedicated automotive parts website, individual datasheets for every AEC-Q100 qualified part, and priority technical support from Nexperia, automotive application designers who use Nexperia Q100 parts are positioned for the best possible design success.

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