Efficiency is in the smallest details

Nexperia products meet and even go beyond the stringent standards set by the Automotive industry, but today quality is so much more than making a robust product. From product concept and design to manufacturing and sales, getting the smallest details right helps the world’s most demanding industries make quality and efficiency gains.

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Quality insights

As defect rates move from sub-ppm (parts-per-million) level to single parts per billion, we are well beyond pushing for the last percentage point. That means we need a more holistic approach to quality to drive all aspects of our business to achieve zero incidents.  

Take a listen to Chris Boyce, our MOSFET Marketing & Product Group Director, on how this has been at the heart of our LFPAK development. 

Why Nexperia

  • AEC-Q100/Q101 and ISO/TS16949 as standard
    All our dedicated automotive discrete, MOSFET, logic and ESD protection devices are fully automotive qualified. Our rigorous attention to detail and commitment to automotive quality yields sub-part-per-million (sub-ppm) failure rates.
  • Quality matched by volume
    Getting semiconductor quality spot on is always a challenge, but to make over 90 billion devices raises it to a higher level. But that’s exactly what Nexperia does and we do it year after year.

  • Innovating for quality
    On many of our products we are not just meeting industry standards but pushing the testing of these devices beyond the requirements to better understand potential failures and create higher quality products.