Minimize space, maximize efficiency

The smartphone has become crucial to our daily lives, connecting us to the ‘cloud’ as well as a host of peripherals - from smartwatches and earbuds to smart speakers and mixed reality headsets. As a long-term partner to the mobile phone industry, our proven portfolio helps your designs meet even the most challenging footprint constraints.

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Mobile insights

The mobile phone market is as demanding as ever when it comes to new technologies and ideas. Whether it is even better technology, more creative applications and use cases or new and exciting peripherals and gadgets, the smartphone has become our personal electronics hub. Extremely space constrained, exceptionally power efficient, tremendous flexibility and fast volume ramp up are just some of the challenges all these devices have in common.

We mirror the industry by squeezing more functionality into ever smaller package footprints while constantly pushing efficiency and performance gains. And by offering different functionality in the same package footprint also gives designers flexibility in board layout.

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Why Nexperia

  • Industry’s highest capacity, own global manufacturing footprint
    Backed up by our own dedicated manufacturing facilities along with industry leading, proven supply chains, we match the volumes demanded by the fast moving and ever changing mobile and peripherals industry.

  • Strong system-level protection
    The latest system ICs and high-speed interfaces are very sensitive. Our extensive mobile protection portfolio is optimized for all three key parameters: low capacitance for signal integrity, robustness – high VESD / high IPPM – and low clamping voltage.

  • Package innovation and miniaturization
    Our continuous innovation in silicon and package technology supports the key trend towards ever smaller in portable devices, from wafer level chip scale packages (WL-CSP) to our leaded clip-bond technology for thermally efficient power.