How our package logic always matches your manufacturing strategy

When selecting logic packages for a design, package maturity needs to be considered to obtain an optimal balance of performance/size, longevity and affordability. Popular for decades or all-new, Nexperia’s many packages are designed to match your requirements. In this blog, we help you navigate various options for your mini logic needs.

As the dedicated global player in discretes, Nexperia has been the driving force behind many of today’s logic packaging. Our innovation process is led by designers who are focused on creating power-efficient and compact systems. One generation to the next, logic solutions developed by Nexperia have increased design flexibility and system performance while minimizing power consumption and PCB footprint. But what’s the latest in logic packaging and where is it heading?

For everything from mobile to cars, our logic is to go smaller

Today, Nexperia leads in Mini Logic –logic solutions with 4-to-10 pins. Thanks to its creative space-saving Mini Logic leadless packages, also known as MicroPak, Nexperia has become the de-facto industry benchmark for logic package innovation. These packages and their leaded equivalents known as PicoGate allow for single-gate, dual-gate and triple-gate functions, including popular voltage translation functions.

Nexperia’s miniaturization efforts have resulted in Mini Logic packages that are up to 15 times smaller than SO packages and feature the precise needed pin-count. For example, our GX4 (X2SON4) package is among the few 4-pin logic packages on the market and only requires a 0.6 x 0.6mm footprint.

In other cases, our configurable logic functions have allowed to replace several devices, to reduce not only board space usage but customers’ inventory too.

For Automotive applications, Nexperia is the initiator of Automotive-qualified MicroPak logic packages. Our leadless XSON6 and XSON8 packages are now indeed AEC-Q100 qualified and specified for wide temperature range operation (-40 to +125 °C). With these new options, car-makers and automotive OEMs can pick just the functions they need for applications like ADAS and in-vehicle infotainment, driving changes across premium and electric car segments.

New options like XSON6 (SOT1202) now enable a 60% footprint reduction compared to TSSOP6 (SOT353-1). And more functions can be released for the automotive market in our Mini Logic leadless packages –using LVC, AUP & AVC logic technology families.

Our supply logic is long-term and entails strong customer support

Offering the right package options isn’t only a matter of innovation and high-quality specification: when choosing a solution for any design, the lifecycle stage of a package should be considered in relation to the system’s expected lifetime. Customers who pick a high-longevity package can expect further economies of scale, that’s why we‘d advise to select recommended packages when starting a new design.

At Nexperia, we have a clear longevity program for our packages  We’re also known as a flexible partner –for example, we understand larger packages formats like SO still have their place in some designs and we make sure the packages our customers want remain available and/or inform transparently about any recommended transition.

Whatever your package preference, partnering with Nexperia means opting for a collaborative relationship where innovation and customer support truly go together. We are equipped to supply both our newest and smallest packages and our historical best-sellers in large volumes (currently up to 6B a year!) and we are used to adhering to the strictest reliability standards. By relying on our stable supply, Nexperia’s customers can focus their time on their core job which is solving exciting design challenges and launching their products ahead of the competition to gain a long-term edge.

With unique expertise from our Application Engineers, we accompany customers to create technical solutions that match their business requirements. Our teams support key customers in finding the ideal logic devices and packages for their design, reducing energy consumption and saving space where possible -and cost where necessary. Let’s work together on your next logic challenge! For an overview of all Nexperia packages, check out our package poster and for more information about logic MicroPak solutions, download our portfolio leaflet.