The power of efficiency

It takes more than ubiquitous connectivity and data processing power to take advantage of automation. With our proven portfolio and lifetime reliability, Nexperia is helping deliver the innovation and productivity gains the 4th industrial revolution promises. We are helping deliver the power of efficiency.

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Automation insights

From manufacturing and process control to robotics, building management and medical systems – automation is today’s ‘key’ word. Because automation not only provides greater control, it makes the best use of available resources, 24/7. But that means efficient 12 V / 24 V / 48 V power supplies, soft-start and hot swappable devices, and extremely light but powerful motors. And with the rising number of sensors, actuators and electronic control circuits, it also means robust system protection and EMI filtering. 

This also was the theme at embedded world 2018 - the leading international fair for embedded systems. It was Nexperia's first time at the event with our own booth. Watch the highlights of this succesfull event below.

One of the fun elements on our booth were live demonstations by RoboTeam Twente. This multidisciplinary team of students from the University of Twente, sponsored by Nexperia, were showcasing their latest footballing skills ahead of the  Robocup 2018 in Montreal. Their skills are also demonstrated here.

Why Nexperia

  • Reliable high-volume supply chain management

Automation plays a role in virtually every system, which leads to a wide range of performance and specification requirements. With more than 10,000 product types and capacity for over 90 billion devices every year, Nexperia can match your long-term needs.

  • Long-term commitment  

For some applications six months can feel like a lifetime but for others a decade can easily be the operational standard. Nexperia’s lifetime reliability and product longevity ensure that we are there to support you for the long-term.

  • Living with automation innovation

Understanding how to best innovate for industrial automation requires real insight into the business. As we design and build discrete semiconductor assembly equipment ourselves (itec) we definitely see the bigger picture.