LFPAK56D – taking the heat out of engine management systems

With the latest additions to Nexperia’s dual automotive MOSFET portfolio in LFPAK56D, designers have significant space savings with all the thermal benefits of copper clip.

Space constraints have increasingly become a headache in the automotive world. Combining that with the thermally demanding application space of the engine compartment, results in a real semiconductor packaging challenge. Drawing on our proven automotive qualified LFPAK gull-wing copper clip package technology, Nexperia can house two high-performance MOSFETs in a single LFPAK56D package.

The release of a new range of 80 V dual Power-SO8 MOSFETs in the popular LFPAK56D package, now means you can truly optimise your design for performance, flexibility and size. For example, as a dual device package it literally halves the space required for two single Power-SO8 devices or alternatively it occupies 77% less space than two DPAKs. The LFPAK56D also offers exceptional board level reliability in thermally demanding applications such as engine management, transmission control and ABS systems.

Check out the flyer or the package information page for more about the ultimate dual MOSFETs.



LFPAK56D – The ultimate dual automotive MOSFET