Trench 9 LFPAK33 MOSFETs drive powertrain systems up to 300 W

The growth in compact powertrain systems (30 W to 300 W) is boosted by Nexperia’s new range of 40 V Low RDS(on) MOSFETs devices housed in LFPAK33.

When it comes to driving more efficient solutions, then automotive powertrain applications are clearly a main focus point. Power density, thermal performance and space have been amongst the key areas for improvement. For a wide range of thermally demanding systems operating in the 30 to 300 W range, including water, oil and fuel pumps, then Nexperia’s new range of 40 V low RDS(on) MOSFETs devices housed in LFPAK33 are an ideal fit. 

Space saving comparison DPAK to LFPAK33

Housed in the miniature, 8-pin LFPAK33 package which has a footprint of only 10.9 mm² and a pitch of just 0.65 mm, gives designers the opportunity to reduce space requirements by 84% in comparison to DPAK solutions. In addition, this new range of automotive qualified Trench 9 devices bring significant reduction in RDS(on) with devices going as low as just 3.3 mΩ. 

Along with the improved current capability and Safe Operating Area (SOA) enabled by our superjunction technology, this expands the range of automotive applications that can benefit from the small size and thermal performance of LFPAK33 MOSFETs to 300 W. 

Key features and benefits

  • Improved RDS(on) and current capability
    • allows LFPKA33 to replace larger power packages at a lower cost
  • Lower RDS(on) in a smaller package
    • opens up higher power applications (up to 300 W) in a smaller footprint
  • Super junction technology designed for higher avalanche capability
    • high SOA capability and strong fault condition tolerance
  • Automotive AEC-Q101 qualified
    • exceeding 2x Q101 testing on key reliability tests

Benefits of LFPAK33

LFPAK33 benefits and features
LFPAK33 benefits and features